Raw Sports


This is easily one of the top 5 GREATEST 2 Raw For The Streets Cyphers of ALL TIME!!! It took place at a legendary Hip Hop spot, Continuous Motion Record Store on 11/16/02. Every so often the stars would align and timing would be perfect, and the right MC’s would cross paths and spar bar for bar with Big Star on deck with the camera. In this cypher some of Philly’s best underground MC’s were present, KRE, E NESS, SCRAP METAL (Sean Brown, Monster, East), and SLAUGHTER RICO. This was not a battle, but something unique to the underground hip hop scene, especially when Big Star was in the building, Cyphering. It’s a lost art form when MC’s can huddle in a circle, nod their heads in appreciation for each other’s rhymes, and collaborate on songs when done. Enjoy this 2 Raw For The Streets Philly Hip Hop Classic, The Cypher @ Continuous Motion 11/16/02.

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