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2006 TEAM FINAL vs ALBANY City Rocks AAU (Jimmer Fredette/Mark Lyons/Talor Battle/Tyreke Evans)

Big Star & Raw Sports presents BIG STAR’S LOST TAPES featuring “Classic 2006 TEAM FINAL AAU Hoops” with TEAM FINAL vs ALBANY City Rocks. This game took place on April 8, 2006 at the BOO WILLIAMS INVITATIONAL in Hampton, VA. The 2006 TEAM FINAL roster consisted of Tyreke “Too Easy” Evans (NBA), Jeff Robinson (Memphis/Seton Hall), Oscar Griffin (Baylor), Tony Chennault (Villanova), Matt Bryan-Amaning (Washington/Overseas), Ricardo Brown (Towson), Alphonso Dawson (Delaware), Lamar Drayton (Shippensburg), and Nasir Robinson (PITT/Overseas). The team was coached by Rob Brown, Reggie Evans, & Lamont Peterson. ALBANY City Rocks featured Jimmer Fredette (NBA/Sacramento Kings/BYU), Mark Lyons (Arizona), and Talor Battle (Penn State). Pretty much everyone from both teams either played Division I basketball, went to the NBA, or is playing professional basketball overseas This AAU game was a classic. Keep It Locked with Big Star & Raw Sports for more of BIG STAR’S LOST TAPES and “Classic TEAM FINAL AAU Hoops”.