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6 Yr. Old “SHAKUR “Jizzle” STARLING” Sick Football Highlights (Son Of Big Star) 8/30/15

Published on Sep 2, 2015

Big Star & Raw Sports presents 6 Yr. Old “SHAKUR “Jizzle” STARLING” (The Son Of Big Star), featuring “Sick Highlights” from his Susquehanna Township Smurf Level football game vs Middletown. The game took place on 8/30/15 at Susquehanna Township High School, in Harrisburg PA. Shakur is a very tough, quick, highly coachable kid who is developing a real love for the game, but most importantly is having “Lots Of Fun”!! Keep It Locked with Big Star & Raw Sports for future highlights from Shakur “Jizzle” Starling.