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This was one of the most memorable and legendary days in the entire 2 Raw For The Streets history. Big Star would capture what would later be named “The Alleyway Freestyle”, or “The Wife Beater Freestyle” (due to the memorable tank top Chic Raw wore during the taping”. The verse that Chic Raw spit (according to the fans) is arguably one of the dopest, most memorable, and most quoted rhyme ever! The live audio even made it into regular rotation on power 99FM’s under ground hip hop show “The Come Up Show”. Vodka also had several classic and memorable rhymes during this session. I walked away from this cypher realizing that the first time I had met them was no fluke, they were the real deal. Listening to these rhymes over those hard cypher track brings chills through my body. Enjoy and follow @2RawForTheStreets on INSTAGRAM