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PEEDI CRAKK, FREEWAY, INDY 500 “Freestyle & Interview” (11/11/00) #2RawForTheStreets

Before Raw Sports, there was #2RawForTheStreets the Philly based hip-hop dvd series created by Big Star in 1998. The series featured the best underground rappers the streets had to offer from 98′ until around 2007 when Big Star retired from the movement. It’s been 20 years since the birth, and now Big Star has finally opened the vault and will be releasing classic never seen before footage, battles, and more! This clip features Peedi Crakk, Freeway, and Indy 500 prior to the Rocafella era. Their North Philly based rap group was called Ice City. This clip was from November 11, 2000. New clips will be uploaded weekly. Follow the 2 RAW FOR THE STREETS movement on INSTAGRAM @2RawForTheStreets