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STEVE “LOGAN VALLEY HUSTLA” Music Video (March 4, 2006)

Besides filming the hottest rappers in the Philly area during the #2RawForTheStreets DVD era, Big Star used to shoot the dopest independent music videos in the hood using the natural elements and neighborhood scenery. The camera’s were much different in the late 90’s and early/mid 2000’s. No one filmed with DSLR still shot camera’s, it was strictly SONY VX-2000’s, CANNON XL1, etc. That was the heat back then. I shot ton’s of dope videos, and many of them never saw the light. This one I shot for my homie STEVE, was a super dope MC that I started hanging out with for a short period before retiring. He was slated to make tons of DVD appearances, but I retired before I could break him to the public. The song is entitled “LOGAN VALLEY HUSTLA”, and the beat was also produced by STEVE. The vshot in the Logan & North Philly areas, features the legendary graffiti wall in North, and also features some dope b-boys that I was hanging out with also during that time called ILLADELPH FLAV.