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SCHEA COTTON “LEGENDS WEEK” (The Manchild speaks about MATER DEI, College, Documentary, & more)

Big Star & Raw Sports continues to climb higher and higher with the LEGENDS WEEK series, and the response from the people is getting crazier and crazier! This episode I had the opportunity to sit down with The Manchild “SCHEA COTTON” who is described to some as Lebron before Lebron, or Zion Williamson before Zion. His size, athletic ability, basketball IQ, and aggressive attitude of how he approached the game was off the charts. He was the Best player in the country, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the 9th grade, he was a walking Double-Double, wore 37 pair of different sneakers one season in HS without a sneaker contract, played with and destroyed the best, dealt with tons of adversity, released an amazing documentary about his hoop journey, and he breaks it all down right here on LEGENDS WEEK with Big Star & Raw Sports Films. This story is incredible!! Subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel, and follow LEGENDS WEEK on social media to watch the interviews “Live”!! INSTAGRAM @RawSportsFilms TWITTER @BigStarRawSport www.RawSports.tv BUY MERCHANDISE www.RawSportsApparel.com