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Big Star & Raw Sports presents the 2017 RAW SPORTS ALL STARS “SELECTION SHOW” for the 2017 DONOFRIO CLASSIC TOURNAMENT at the FELLOWSHIP HOUSE (Conshohocken, PA). This Roster Release Special is the first of it’s kind in the history of the Donofrio Classic i’m sure. Big Star & Raw Sports is always looking for ways to take things to another level, and bring something different to the sports culture. The Donofrio Classic is one of the best post season single elimination tournaments in the country. Raw Sports has been fortunate to have a team in the league for the last 2 seasons (since the 2014-15 season). The first season we made it to the championship against a very tough Team Hardnett squad that was led by Penn State Freshman standout Tone Carr. The second year we made it to the Final Four with a host of amazing players such as Dylan Painter (Villanova), Lonnie Walker (Reading/Miami Commit), Eli Brooks (Spring Grove/Michigan Commit), and many more. We lost to a team that would go on to win the championship that featured Cameron Reddish (Westtown), Josh Sharkey, Ryan Daley, and more! 3rd time is a charm, and Who will the Raw Sports All Stars Choose This Year To Help Bring Home The Gold? CHECK OUT THIS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AND FIND OUT WHO’S ON THE ROSTER!!!! Our first game is on 4/10/17 @ 8:30pm for anyone looking to come out and support. Follow the movement on social media for game updates and results. INSTAGRAM @RawSportsFilms TWITTER @BigStarRawSport