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JALEN WARLEY “Remember The Name” by: Big Star

Over the last few years if people would mention The Westtown school (West Chester, PA) a few household names would automatically come to mind… MO’ BAMBA, CAM REDDISH, BRANDON RANDOLPH, JALEN GAFFNEY, JAKE FORRESTER, NOAH COLLIER, TJ BERGER, FRANK KEPNANG, and more! Well, there’s another name that you should add to the household and get used to saying as the 2019-20 season awakens, the name is JALEN WARLEY. Last season as I was covering Westtown, Jalen definitely demonstrated his scoring ability, defense, and intensity, but still if you asked hoop fans who they drove miles to see they would most likely say they came to see Gaffney flying through the sky, Noah catching an Alley-Oop, the young kid Frank who’s built like a grown man, or how many 3’s TJ Berger was gonna make. Not too many would mention the name Jalen Warley, although he was getting his and consistently contributing in a major way each game. I’m not sure what took place over the Summer, or what his growth plates were doing over the last few months, but fast forward to the Westtown School season opener on 11/22/19 and this was my reaction when I walked into the gym and stood next to Jalen while he was warming up to play Rock Top Academy…. “DANG BRO, YOU GREW LIKE 6 INCHES SINCE LAST SEASON”…His response… “I KNOW”!! A few minutes into the game I saw something that caught me by super surprise, woke up my inner hoop junkie spirit, and made me spew out one of my first sideline camera quotes of the 2019-20 season…”Oh My God, Don’t Do It, Don’t Do It”. Jalen was on the fast break with 1 defender between him and the basket, took his last step about 1 foot within the foul line, and he flew through the air as if the defender had an escalator on his chest and Jalen was going to the top floor. He made the connection at the rim clean, but the ball rimmed out. Although the dunk was not successful, the miss was just as impressive because it was unexpected, it was still a poster, still a highlight, it was so early in the game, and I had no idea that this was how Jalen was coming this year. He spoke loud and clear making a statement that anyone who searched out their season schedule would leave each game remembering who he was for one reason or another. Besides his dramatic height difference, or the fact that he’s added posterizing to his resume, he’s a complete player. This is my evaluation of his skill set and what I like: He doesn’t play to the crowd and doesn’t try to look cute/fancy, he’s locked in from the warmup, he appears to be very coachable, he’s a solid ball handler and doesn’t get rattled under good defensive pressure, he’s a solid shooter inside and beyond the arc, he’s a good passer, he can run the point or play off the ball, he’s a great captain that can effectively communicate with referees and do damage control on behalf of the team, he plays solid defense, and his motor seems to be non-stop. In each of the games i’ve seen him so far he’s had a solid contribution and was consistent in what I noticed about him each night. I forgot to mention that he’s in the class of 2021 and has not yet committed to a college. I’m sure his stock will continue to rise as the season progresses and they battle against other players who are on the recruiting radar. Moral of the story, when Westtown plays Neumann Goretti on 12/7/19, don’t just watch for Hakim Hart, Noah Collier, TJ Berger, Frank, Che Evans, Cam Young, Dereck Lively, or Chris Evans… but make sure you check the program for #2 JALEN WARLEY “Remember The Name”.