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JOHN “TOOTIE” ALLEN “OFF THE COURT” LEGENDS WEEK (Coatesville Legend tells unbelievable stories)

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s in the small town of Coatesville, PA there was a player named JOHN “TOOTIE” ALLEN that was building a legendary legacy that will never be forgotten. Exclusively here on OFF THE COURT “LEGENDS WEEK” John Allen tells some unbelievable stories about his journey that have never been heard before. I was speechless hearing about his relationship with Dajuan Wagner, players he recalls dominating in AAU tournaments that went on to be future NBA All Stars, and much more. He tells his entire story from growing up in The Ville, first experiences playing ball in Philadelphia, being part of Coatesvile’s first ever state championship team, college career, and much more. Enjoy this rare piece of hoop history and stay tuned for more episodes.
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