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KEVIN “BUZZ” FORNEY “Legends Week” (Strawberry Mansion HS) They all wanted to be like Buzz!!

Regarding the NBA in the late 90’s, everybody wanted to “Be Like Mike”! But in the City of Philadelphia’s Public League, everybody wanted to “Be Like BUZZ”! This episode of LEGENDS WEEK features Strawberry Mansion’s KEVIN “BUZZ” FORNEY. He entertained the city and left a legacy that the fans of STRAWBERRY MANSION and that community will never forget. During the interview Buzz describes the crowds, the song remixes that the fans would make up that included the players names, and having the best fan base in the city. He tells legendary stories of destroying future Pro’s in camps, the importance of grades and how they can open and close doors of opportunity, the importance of having mentors and people in your corner to help you make important life decisions, life after basketball, and being a success in life and the peoples champion without obtaining the level of success that other’s thought he should have accomplished. To sum it up, Buzz said “I did accomplish my dream, I WENT TO COLLEGE”. That’s powerful! We (Big Star, Raw Sports, and Philadelphia) are extremely proud of my guy Buzz! Enjoy his story, brought to you by Legends Week! “Everybody Has A Story”

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