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LIL’ FUTURE “REMEMBER MY NAME” Episode 1 (12yr old Future Champ from PHILLY)

Big Star & Raw Sports Boxing presents LIL’ FUTURE “REMEMBER MY NAME” Episode 1, featuring the 12 year old AMATEUR BOXING PHENOM from PHILADELPHIA, PA. Led by his father Mark Robertson aka “MAD SCIENTIST OF BOXING”, Lil’ Future is well on his way to becoming future champ. Hard Work & Dedication is one of many motto’s they live by, and the fruits of their labor are evident. This mini-series brings you RINGSIDE with LIL’ Future and his father, giving you a look at how they prepare & train. The RAW SPORTS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with father/son gets you closer to the awesome duo, and gives tons of insight about Lil’ Future’s start with boxing, where his father’s passion comes from, future goals, life lessons his father wants him to take away from the sport, and much more! This is just the beginning of the RAW SPORTS BOXING & LIL’ FUTURE journey together. Stay Tuned for many more exclusives & “REMEMBER THE NAME”….LIL’ FUTURE!!!