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LYNN GREER Senior “CLASSIC STORIES” Origins of THE STEP BACK!!! Before James Harden!!

On June 17, 2017 Big Star caught up with LYNN GREER Senior, father of LYNN GREER II, and grandfather of LYNN GREER III (Roman Catholic HS, 2020). Mr. Greer told some “Classic Stories” about his own high school hoop career, college career at Virginia State, shot at the Pro’s, raising his son (recruiting process, Temple stories), and the next generation to carry the Greer last name LG3. One thing that stood out was Mr. Greer explaining how he helped LG2 adjust his game at Temple his senior year when the defenders were taller and stronger. Mr. Greer added the “Step Back” to his game similar to what this generation has seen from James Harden. The Greer’s were doing the “Step Back” back in 2001-02. Enjoy these classic stories and “CLICK SUBSCRIBE” for more!