Raw Sports

MALVERN PREP vs CHELTENHAM 2020 RAW SPORTS PBP CLASSIC (Deuce Turner Makes History) 1/13/2020

1/13/2020 was a historic day for Raw Sports, the entire family, and one of the players. This day was the first ever Raw Sports sponsored event, and the beginning of a new journey. The 2020 RAW SPORTS PLAY BY PLAY CLASSIC was held at West Chester University and featured 2 games MALVERN PREP vs CHELTENHAM, and COATESVILLE vs MALVERN PREP. Malvern Prep’s Deuce Turner became the ALL TIME LEADING SCORER IN INTER-AC LEAGUE HISTORY surpassing a record that was in place for 22 years. There was a great turnout, and the games were good. Looking forward to more Raw Sports sponsored events in the future and many new things on the horizon in 2020.