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MARQUES GREEN “LEGENDS WEEK” OFF THE COURT “LIVE” (Norristown, St Bonaventure, Overseas Pro)

Big Star & Raw Sports presents another classic episode of OFF THE COURT “Live” LEGENDS WEEK with guest MARQUES GREEN aka “The General”. At 5’ 7” he destroyed all competition at every level from high school, college, and professionally overseas. He talks about growing up in Philadelphia, being super focused on what he wanted to be, his years in Norristown, his journey at St. Bonaventure which led to being inducted into the “All Time Team” years, his legendary professional career, and much more. One of the most impressive things about the interview were the priceless gems he dropped about life. Another legend that Big Star has been able to assist with solidifying his legacy and keeping his story alive for the hoop culture all across the globe. Subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel.
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