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RAW SPORTS “OBSERVATIONS” by: James Nelson Stewart

RAW SPORTS “OBSERVATIONS”    by: James Nelson Stewart

1. The 6 classifications has brought more parity to the state playoffs.  In the 5A and 6A playoffs alone, this round produced 3 double OT games and only 2 games won by double digits.

2. Toughness is an attribute that is overlooked as a “scout-able” attribute.  When scouts look at a prospect, speed and jumping ability trump mental toughness.  In these playoffs, toughness has overcome talent more than once.

3. Coaches can very much coach effort and toughness, in fact, they control that attribute more than any other.

4. High School Basketball is making a comeback.  I saw a lot of kids that play on non sneaker AAU programs really excel.  Now with the right combination of AAU/High School it’s a perfect situation for a child, but the saying goes “they will find you if you can play” is definitely true.

5. The ways that some communities support their teams is amazing.  People travel over an hour to support their teams and even in losing efforts, they will give their kids standing ovations.  For some children, this is the end of the road and those kids play for the name on the front of their jerseys. My hat off to you!!!

6. Raw Sports, Michael Starling’s (aka Big Star) baby, is reaching people statewide and people are supporting his movement and it’s people of all races, religions, genders and ages.  In this time of political strife among the people, people are rallying around this movement and to all I say “Thank You” for the support of this great man’s vision.  Raw Sports is for the people and we appreciate all of the love that you show us.

7. More love needs to be shown to Billy Owens and his accomplishment of 4 Straight State Titles.  With Carlisle getting back to this point since the “Billy Ball” era, it just shows how hard winning 1 state title is. But winning 4 straight titles with less classifications is just unheard of.  This needs to be celebrated more.