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RAW SPORTS “OFF THE COURT” with CHRISTIAN RAY (Haverford School, La Salle University)

Big Star & Raw Sports presents another episode of RAW SPORTS “OFF THE COURT” featuring class of 2019 wing CHRISTIAN RAY, who attended the HAVERFORD SCHOOL, and who will be playing basketball and studying at LA SALLE UNIVERSITY with coach Ashley Howard. I’m so excited about this series because they are getting better and better, and the transparency of the athletes is amazing. During this interview you’ll learn all about Christian’s life from the start, family, AAU stories, reasons why he chose K-Low Elite, what made La Salle the home for him, making history at Haverford, personal struggles with Anxiety that he is overcoming by the Grace of God, and tons more things that will be a Blessing when you hear them. Keep It Locked with Raw Sports and be sure to to LEAVE SOME POSITIVE COMMENTS.