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RAW SPORTS YOUTH BBALL WORKOUT Episode 1 (Basics For All Ages)

If you want to learn some awesome basketball basics to introduce your youngster to the game, or to improve your current hoop game, then check out this awesome new video series presented by Big Star & Raw Sports. The YOUTH BBALL WORKOUT Episode 1 features basic warmup drills, ball handling, shooting drills, and great motivation for all ages to begin their hoop journey, or build upon what they already know. Episode 1 is facilitated by Coach Frank Petre who is passionate about the game, he’s a great teacher, and great motivational speaker. Another cool thing about this series, Frank’s son “Four Petre” is the co-instructor, and he takes The Starling Boys (and your kids) through a full workout with no breaks. It was cool to see how focused the boys were while receiving instruction from someone their own age. It appeared to make them want to work harder and tackle tough drills knowing someone their own age was able to accomplish the same goals. Enjoy this video, share, mimic the drills, and Keep It Locked for more!!! #FourPetre Remember The Name #TheStarlingBoys Remember The Name

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