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Speed & Agility Training Techniques for All Athletes by Utley Associates (Film by Raw Sports)

Utley Associates presents “Speed & Agility Training Techniques” for All Athletes. Utley Associates train’s the athlete not the sport! This film provides top notch speed and agility drills for all ages, skill levels, and sports. Narrated by Coach Cookie Gilchrist, this film will will definitely provide you the tools to take your sport of choice to the next level. The film includes everything from proper warm up stretching, step by step drills for sprinter, hurdle drills, agility course, an exclusive look at the youth program, and much more. If you enjoy the film and want to learn more about Utley Associates, be sure to contact the coaches. Their names, address, and contact information is at the end of the film. Utley Associates is an “Official Raw Sports Affiliate”.