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The Birth Of RAW SPORTS BOXING by Big Star (6/29/16)

On 6/11/16 Raw Sports again went to a higher level with the introduction of RAW SPORTS BOXING.  This was in the making from the conception of Raw Sports, hence it is one of the icons on the logo.  The timing was right, and the future WORLD CHAMPIONS were on deck, supporting Big Star & Raw Sports with the BIRTH OF RAW SPORTS BOXING.  This new chapter of the movement exists with the purpose of increasing the worlds awareness of how strong youth boxing is in our communities, despite it’s lack of coverage on mainstream television & sports platforms. RAW SPORTS BOXING (R.S.B) will also be highlighting local amateurs & pro’s that are doing big things and destined for greatness, telling the history of the sport along the way, and linking up with legends who have helped to shape the landscape of one of the worlds oldest art forms.  R.S.B. will be presenting exclusive behind the scenes training/workout coverage, and documentaries featuring future stars & legends.  Quick story of how R.S.B. was born and a few of the first that have committed to the R.S.B. Family…… Thanks to social media, about 1 year ago I came across a video of a father training his 2 twins (The Grandy Twins, Steven & Danny, 6 years old at the time) in what looked to be a school yard.  It was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen.  At the time I had no intentions on starting R.S.B. because I was still getting my feet wet & knee deep with the high school football/hoop cultures, but I knew that what I saw had to eventually be part of the R.S.B. Movement when the time was right.  I reached out to that father (Danny) to let him know that I was thoroughly entertained by the short video of his boys training, and more impressed with his demonstration of fatherhood.  We solidified a future link up and kept in contact.  In the meantime I met a few more outstanding young boxer’s such as 6 year old Shaheed “BAD INTENTIONS” Francis, and Raheem “SHOWTIME” Lawrence.  It was the same with these two, If i’m not mistaken, I think I either saw one of Shaheed’s videos, or his father Quadir liked one of mine, after that I did my research, messages were sent back and forth, and the connection was met.  Quadir (father), actually knew me from my days with 2 RAW FOR THE STREETS (as did Danny, twins father), in which I produced hip-hop documentaries and promoted the best unsigned talent in the world.  With Raheem, I believe he liked one of my pics, I visited his page, instantly became his greatest fan, he sent me his pop’s number, and it was a done deal.  I went back and forth with the twins father and Quadir (Shaheed’s father) for months keeping in contact, and trying to coordinate a kick off date to meet the kids and begin documenting their careers.  We finally settled on 6/11/16 and the plan was to link up with the twins at Kingsessing Recreation Center in South West Philly, film them training and interview father/sons.  Then, I would shoot across town and connect with Shaheed Francis and father Quadir.  That would have been the best day ever, but God is so good that he would orchestrate a day that would turn out to be 1000% better that what I could have imagined.  Long story short, as I was filming the twins at their gym, a kid walks up to me that I recognized, but had never physically met before.  He said to me, “i’m Raheem Lawrence, me and my dad just left you a message, we heard you would be here today, this is my gym too”, I was like “oh snap, it’s going down, I was planning on linking up with you next, but it’s going down right now”.  The day had gotten 250% cooler.  Right after that, the twins dad told me that another gym was coming to visit so their kids could workout and spar.  A few minutes later, a crew walks in and big Danny says to me “Come here, there’s someone I want you to meet, it’s Lil’ Future and his father Mark, Lil’ Future is one of the most popular kids in Philly area”.  Danny introduced me, I gave my resume, and the connection was official (Mark told me I was welcome at their gym anytime, and he appreciated what I was doing).  While the kids sparred, I noticed a sharp young kid who turned out to be another 6 year old named Jaeden Mosley.  This kid was amazing.  I was introduced to his father who told me that they train at the same gym as Lil’ Future, and he also appreciated what I was doing and committed on the spot to being down with the R.S.B. Movement.  I wrapped up the filming of the training and interviews and was on my way to meet the young champ Shaheed Francis.  Just as I thought, another awesome father and son duo destined for greatness.  Shaheed is also 6 years old, but has the work ethic of someone well beyond his years.  I filmed an entire workout routine, then interviewed father/son.  The weekend was complete, and RAW SPORTS BOXING was BORN.  Of all of the sports that I have been filming on this journey, I must admit… Boxing has been a different type of excitement.  I’m not sure if it is because I started with extraordinary kid Phenom’s, or the fact that youth boxing is exclusive untapped sports potential that is not over saturated with media outlets that are all chasing the same footage.  Either or, I had one of the funnest weekends filming that I have had in years.  Stay tuned, I’ll be releasing the training videos and documentaries on all the R.S.B. athletes soon.  Shout out to all of the R.S.B. Family that i’ve since connected with and that are committed to supporting the movement…. Dylan “Dynamite” Diaz, Abdulmuizz “The Hurricane” Khan, Team Mazirati, Sammy The Bull Mayhem (DC Headbangers), Christopher Simmons, Team Cyrus, Lil’ J Lucas, Hanif Webb, and many more.  Keep It Locked with www.rawsports.tv and subscribe to my Raw Sports youtube channel.  R.S.B.

(P.S. This is my first article, hope you feel I did a good job of expressing my thoughts, you were informed and entertained).  Thank You, Big Star 6/29/16


  1. Cordia Mosley

    July 1, 2016 at 4:04 am

    Nice job Big Star, Jaedn and I are looking forward to having you visit our gym (NFF boxing) this weekend.

    • Big Star

      July 1, 2016 at 12:03 pm

      100% Good Brother, i’m possibly more excited than you guys! This has been so awesome in such a short amount of time. You guys have shown me major love, and it’s a BLESSING to see all the Father/Son collaborations around the sport. This is the first time i’ve ever seen so many father’s actively involved in a sport. And i’m so glad I started with the little guys, its AMAZING watching them demonstrate what you father’s have been teaching them. Simply AMAZING what they can do at such a young age. I’m glad to be here to document it all from almost the beginning! This is something special, thanks again for helping me make my dream of helping people a reality!

  2. Keisha

    July 3, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Very well written article!! You’re have been blessed by the Lord with a vision and it’s awesome watching you walk in what makes you happy! The things that are in store are far greater than what you see now! You’re blessed to be a blessing…keep on blessing others!
    Love Wifey…Your #1 Fan

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