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“The Perfect Season”, The 2012 Susquehanna Township Midget Football Story (Part 7 of 7)

(Just an FYI… I originally posted this part 7 of the film last year. It recently got flagged by youtube due to an instrumental that was “matched or owned by a 3rd party”. So, I just cut out the credits at the end that had the music in the background). Big Star & Raw Sports presents “The Perfect Season”, A story of a group of individuals who will forever be known as one of the best midget football teams of our time. The 2012 Susquehanna Township Midget football team (Harrisburg,PA) made local and national history by not only going undefeated, but “Unscored-Upon” going into their Super Bowl. They had outscored their opponents 383-0 in a regular and playoff season that will be talked about for years to come. Big Star & Raw Sports was there first hand, and was fortunate enough to capture this historic event from start to finish.