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1993 SIMON GRATZ vs READING (RASHEED WALLACE “Classic”) Gratz #1 in Nation

Big Star & Raw Sports presents BIG STAR’S LOST TAPES featuring 1993 SIMON GRATZ vs READING. This game took place at the historic Geigel Complex in Reading, PA. In 1993 the SIMON GRATZ BULL DOGS were coached by the legendary “BILL ELLERBEE” and was the #1 Team In The Country, finishing 31-0. Gratz featured one of the best high school players in our countries history behind Wilt Chamberlain, he was #30 RASHEED WALLACE. For the younger generation who has only heard about the legend of Rasheed Wallace, everything that you’ve heard is true. He was a complete basketball machine. He was 6′ 11″, highly athletic, had a nice jump shot with great form (could also his the 3-pointer), amazing shot blocker/rebounder, and each game would have the most memorable “MONSTER DUNKS”. Rasheed went on to play 1 year at North Carolina along side Jerry Stackhouse, then went to the NBA and played a highly successful career with several teams. Besides Rasheed, Gratz had one of the best starting 5’s in Pennsylvania history, and possibly the “best” bench in PA’s history. Remaining starters included: Jamahal Redmond, Alem Watson, Shawn “Reds” Smith, and Terrell Stokes. Gratz leading scorer and the best “6th Man” in Pennsylvania history was Rondell Turner, averaging 17.5 ppg. Few remaining substitutes included: Lynard Stewart, Brian Samuals, James Smith, and Michael Blunt (some names may are missing, if you know the remaining substitutes leave the names in the comment section, thanks). Reading also had a great team. Donyell Marshall was already tearing things up at UCONN (1991 was his senior year in H.S.). The 1993 Reading Red Knights featured: Robbie Pollard, Marvin Encarnaceon, Charlie Randall, Jason Kline, Reed Krick, Shawntay “Fish” Richardson, Hassan Walker, John Renrick, and Damon Harris (some names are missing, add any missing names to the comment section, thanks). One amazing thing about this game and a feature that Reading provided that was “way before it’s time” was the live play-by-play commentary. Yes, there is commentary the entire game that provides history and facts about the time period, status of other teams in the league, Simon Gratz schedule and games they won around the country, and they provide a “charged up” energy around big plays that helps you to really relive the classic moments as if you were really at the game. This is a rare gem provided by Big Star & Raw Sports. Keep It Locked, for more classics featuring Simon Gratz & Reading H.S.