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“MEET THE PIONEERS” Decade of Champions Banquet 11/30/13

Big Star & Raw Sports brings to you a rare opportunity to meet some of the legendary “JOHN HARRIS PIONEERS” from the 10 straight championship decade between 1961-70. This banquet was organized by Pioneers Mike Davis, Jimmy Jones, and many other of the Pioneer legends. The event took place on 11/30/13 and in attendance would be over 400 past players, fans, opposing players, and families. There was magic in the air at this event and it was just an example of the community support, and unique qualities possessed by the 1961-70 Pioneers. This may have possibly been the last time many of these talented individuals would be under 1 roof at the same time. Big Star & Raw Sports was on deck to bring you this exclusive look at “Sports Greatness”, The John Harris Pioneers.