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Why I Like DONTA SCOTT ? Well, for starters, the Class of 2019 6′ 6″ Forward from IMHOTEP CHARTER in Philadelphia has roots in my hometown of Norristown, PA.  Not 100% sure of his origins, but around  4-5 years ago, a good friend of mine named Joedy Johnson who is deeply rooted in the Suburban Philadelphia Area hoop scene brought to my attention that there was a kid at East Norriton Middle School in the Norristown Area who was slam dunking and his name was Donta.  My reaction was simply, “wow, that’s crazy, I gotta keep that kid on my radar”, and that was that.  I failed to follow up with Joedy to see if this slam dunking middle schooler would transition to Norristown HS, or would end up somewhere else.  Fast forward about 2 years and I would cross paths with Donta Scott, that same slam dunking middle schooler, but it wouldn’t be at a Norristown High game, it would be for Imhotep Charter.  Imhotep is a Philly area high school that’s name has become synonymous with local hoop stars.

So, back to “Why I Like Donta Scott” ?  The kid is flat out cool! Every time I see him at a game he show’s love and never hesitates to give Big Star some “Dap”, or take a photo.  He’s very respectful and appears to be very coachable.  Each time i’ve seen him play, he’s always silent as it relates to complaining to the refs, giving feedback to the coaches, or having confrontations with his teammates on the court.  He basically “Let’s His Game Speak”.  He always seems to be focused and locked in.  His motor is always on “GO”! I’ve rarely seen him walking on the court, or lagging behind on the break.  One rare attribute is that he “Get’s Back on Defense” without a coach having to yell “Donta, Get Back on Defense”.  At a recent AAU game, Donta was suited up for his Philly Pride 17U squad.  One of his teammates shot, the ball came off the rim, Donta went up for the slam, but was undercut by an opposing player and he fell to the ground.  The ball went the other way on a break, Donta hopped up off the ground as if it was hot, and ended up being one of the first still down in position to make a defensive stop on the ball.  Hence, his coach did not have to yell “Donta, Get Back on Defense”!!  His 6′ 6″ frame and impressive wing-span make it very difficult for defenders trying to pass the ball from side to side, cross court, or when attempting to drive through the lane.  Donta is alway active on “D”, and has good instincts which transfers into frequent steals, fast breaks, and dunks when he is positioned at the top of the key in the zone D-Fence.  During the 2016-17 high school hoop season, Donta and Imhotep Charter was led by floor general Daron “Fats” Russell who is currently a future college star at Rhode Island.  Last season, (2016-17) in the absence of Daron, I noticed that Donta had the ball in his hands much more up top on offense which provided a new role, and an opportunity to unlock new skill and potential that would assist him in being more versatile and attractive at the next level.  He is a solid ball handler, and appears to be very comfortable handling the ball on the break, running the offense, and getting himself out of trap situations.  He displays a mid-range jump shot, and confidence shooting behind the arc.  He’s a great finisher around the basket and attacks the rim like a pit bull locked in on the mail man.  At a recent AAU game vs the PSA Cardinals, his mission appeared to be making attempts to dunk the ball every chance he could.  Although they didn’t all connect, his message was communicated loud and clear to the opposition…. “I’m not stopping”!

I’m sure there are many things that Donta want’s to improve about his game, and i’m sure he’ll be in the gym super hard training and preparing for his upcoming senior season at Imhotep.  Myself, i’m definitely pleased with his progress and i’m looking forward to see what version of Donta Scott steps on the court in a few months at Imhotep’s season opener.  I’m sure i’m not the only one who likes Donta Scott.  While in attendance at the Hoop Group Summer Jam Fest at the Spooky Nook complex (Manheim, PA), there were tons of coaches who were taking notes and making sure he knew they were there to check him out.  Word on the street is that he’s being heavily recruited by La Salle University, Maryland, St. Joseph’s, South Carolina, Temple University, and tons more!  Regardless, his character qualities and God given talents will definitely land him a free education and an opportunity to showcase his skills at the college level.  Until then, he’s gotta narrow down what situation is best for him, make his announcement, stay healthy, hit the books, and have a fun senior season.  Those are a few reasons why I Like Donta Scott.  If you have the opportunity to check him out, you definitely won’t be disappointed.